The Fill Up Banks Kit’

MSXII Sound Design is at it once again bringing you the incredible Fill-Up Banks Kit! This kit is specifically designed to help you in your musical transitions from chord changes, vamps, b-sections, and endings. No stranger to quality, this kit packs that MSXII substance you’ve come to love. All 30 fills were created on the Pork Pie Hip-Pig; a 3-piece rock shell pack. Tuned to perfection and colored carefully for optimal mixing, the FIll-Up Banks Kit is a must have. Every fill will find it’s place in your work. Don’t sleep on this, grab it NOW!

Kit Features:

• 30 original, live drum fills in 16bit .wav format
• Fills played on a custom 3 piece Pork Pie Drums Hip-Pig rock shell pack
• Completely unheard of MSXII material; nothing recycled or borrowed
• Slightly colored/saturated for optimal mixing
• Compatible with all DAWs, samplers, and mobile formats that accept .wav files

Download now at


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